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Sportive Plus is much more than boutiques and a clothing line. Sportive Plus wants to be an inspiration and an alternative to plus size women who are already or aspire to do sports. Farewell fear of judgment! 'We do not sell clothes, but a cause.' Sportive Plus wants to give to all those who have forgotten the pleasure of the sport: jumping in the snow, walking in the woods, skiing , running, riding , skating... And that feels good!

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Sportive Plus...

  • Innovation and choice of materials are crucial. Each garment of our line has technical properties adapted to each activity. This is possible thanks to our choice of textiles and in our manufacturing process.
  • We offer clothing resistant to weather, to wear while being comfortable and easy to maintain.
  • We have at heart the local economy: the Sportive Line Plus is more than 90% designed and manufactured in Quebec and 70 % of the products we carry are from Canada.
  • The company still continues its efforts in research and development. All products offered are the result of a commitment to test and improve all of them.


What our customers think...

I am a new customer and glad I found your site. Thank you so very much for the refund on my shipping.  I love my Columbia clothing and will return every time to order from you. Really good discounts on the products I ordered. - Yvonne

I cannot tell you how happy I am with what I have ordered so far.    I'm in training for a big ride and I was so concerned about being able to find tights that fit my rubinesque figure. I am grateful for your help. - Kelly

Quality clothes. Not the same as other stores. Made in Quebec mostly.  Plus size. Travel clothing or easy to dry. Swimsuits for aqua form, or vacation.  Golfing clothes, biking etc. Professional staff. - Jacquelyn

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